Meet the Facilitators

Ruairí Osborne

Ruairí Osborne is a Biodynamic Psychotherapist. He has been involved in men’s work in Ireland for the past 7 years. He holds a monthly men’s group in a woodland near Slane, Co. Meath. He has a deep love for nature. He regularly facilitates men’s groups and rites of passage rituals. He lives on the banks of the river Boyne with his wife and daughter.

Tim Spalding

Tim Spalding, lives mostly in Co Donegal and on a boat in Algarve. He has a history of social, community, environmental and political activism. He is also a gardener, sailor, cook and grandfather. He has worked with groups and individuals for 40 years as a facilitator, coach, trainer and lecturer – including in gender studies and conflict management. He has a BSc in Psychology and an MA from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. He has trained in Process Work in Ireland, USA, UK, Poland and Israel/Palestine. Living in the Border Region he has worked on the Peace Programme since 1995.

Jon Kinsella

Jon Kinsella, who lives in West Cork, has been working with men for 30 years. For recovery and life-enhancement, and in coaching and ritual spaces, he has served men across the world. Having spent time with Lakota teachers on the high plains of America, he learned much about their rituals, and is blessed to lead Purification Lodges. He's been leading Men's Circles all that time, while practicing Architecture. Now, he works as a singer-songwriter, storyteller, poet - and will always work to support and empower Men.

Paul Butler

Akash Paul Butler (BSc., MAg.For) is a Constellation Facilitator, a forester and a massage therapist. He trained in Family Constellation with Svagito Liebermeister in 2002 and since then has been working as an assistant and translator on Svagitos annual training courses in Spain. He has trained with Bert Hellinger and with Cecilio Recojo (in organisational constellations). He facilitates his own Family Constellation groups in Ireland and Spain. He also runs Mens groups especially the 8 day Osho Mens Liberation group. Among other things he has worked as an organic farmer in Ireland, English teacher in Spain and agronomist in the Peruvian Amazon. He lives in Westport, Ireland, on a ten acre tree farm.

Peter Mulhall

Peter Mulhall is a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience in mental health. He has a particular specialty in trauma (childhood trauma and ‘troubles-related’). He has worked with men’s groups for over ten years and has presented workshops locally, nationally and internationally. He regularly facilitates men’s groups and rites of passage retreats for men. When not involved in men’s work, Peter also teaches canoeing and kayaking and loves being in the outdoors.